A world-class selection of the best free sports games, gathered from the Internet is ready for you. There’s nothing as exhilarating as dominating in a sports game. Even if you’ve never thrown a javelin, kicked a ball, or jumped a hurdle, we can look right past that and you can jump right into one of these action-packed games. We have all the new, cool and fun online sports games you can find on the web, kept up to date with regular game updates.

From Football to American Football – and all the differences and arguments it causes – these sports games cover a vast variety of categories and genres. Some games are skill games: how many Basketballs can you tap into the hoop in 29.8 seconds? If you prefer athletic sports there are a lot of games which cover all the main Olympic sports from swimming to rowing. Whatever sort of sport you’re in to, whether you’re an athlete or not.

You can delve into a world of browser games and play almost any sport under the Internet sun. Have you ever wanted to kick a penguin 300m through the air? Use a Yeti as a cannon-ball for your shot put? All this possible in the now iconic Yetisports, which, many suggest, is a series of games responsible for most of the joy felt in the world between 2004 and the present day.

Popular Sports games include games that either emulate real-life – like a fun football manager browser game – or a put a fun twist on a classic. We all know how stale EA’s year-on-year Sports games have become, and yet every year millions of gamers fork out for a game that’s barely been tweaked since the last one. In the world of sports browser games, things are a little more creative.

Great bobblehead Basketball and Soccer games are fun to play online with your friends, or against wicked-hard AI opponents. If you want to stop yourself launching your PC out of the window, try out something a little more relaxed like a…horse-racing management simulator? Practice your penalty shootout skills in a fun skill-based game or become the legendary soccer player, Pele, in a fun game that takes you through his illustrious career.

Whatever the case, and whatever sort of free online sports game you’re looking for, we have hundreds of games to play right now. We’ve spent hours trawling through the deepest, sportiest corners of the web to compile the very best sporting action from across the planet. There are sporty animals, non-stop sporting action, and even sports adventure games where you can take a sporting character from the life of a lay-about nobody to superstar legend!

Why don’t you open your PC and enjoy these free games right now.