Learn2Gank vs TShow
Match ID: 2727976981
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00:12 First blood!
00:32 L2G.ifrit gets picked off!
01:08 TShow trades 2 for 1!
02:15 JÚNIOR gets picked off!
02:48 TShow gets a kill!
03:05 TShow gets a kill!
03:38 TShow gets a kill!
04:12 TShow is owning! JÚNIOR is on a Killing Spree! DOUBLE KILL!
04:57 Mandy gets picked off!
05:23 L2G.Pillo gets a DOUBLE KILL!
07:03 Learn2Gank picks off Mandy! They’re owning!
07:24 Learn2Gank is owning! L2G.Shalom- gets a Mega Kill! TRIPLE KILL!
07:59 Mandy gets picked off!
08:41 TShow kills an enemy player!
08:58 Learn2Gank gets a kill!
09:16 TShow gets a kill!
09:34 L2G.Shalom- loses his Wicked Sick streak!
10:12 L2G.ifrit is on a Killing Spree! TRIPLE KILL!
11:20 L2G.Shalom- gets picked off!
12:11 Learn2Gank trades 3 for 2!
13:07 L2G.ifrit is Unstoppable! DOUBLE KILL!
14:44 [t:-1] wipes the opposition! L2G.Shalom- gets an ULTRA KILL!

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