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This is episode 200 of the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN), a review of every game published by LJN. This is part 2 of 3, with the final coming next week. The Nerd has been gifted the rights to LJN and will start fixing the company by remaking Back to the Future on NES with a developer friend. Unfortunately, he also has to review every other LJN game to complete the catalog of his new company. Oh, and since he already reviewed the movie based games, he will now tackle the sports and Marvel games!!


Download the Back to the Future fake NES game made by Sam:

Sam Beddoes as the Game Designer:

(He also did the background music!)
(AND designed the real AVGN video games!!)

Written by James Rolfe:

Editing and Producing:
Justin Silverman:

Opening Narration by Shane from Rerez:

For everything else Cinemassacre:

Little disclaimer: This episode was split into 3 parts because it’s runtime is over an hour long in total. This made it easier to edit as we go. Also, Episode 200 was not made to sell a video game. The BTTF game you see (made in Unity by Sam) is just a plot device and not a “real” releasable game. Regardless, Sam’s Unity files will be put online for free at the end of the 200 saga, next week. However, there is an upcoming 8-Bit NES AVGN game coming late next year, but it is completely unrelated to these episodes. Sorry if anyone was a little confused!

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