Ok so, Wii Sports, Mario Strikers Charged, and Mario Hoops 3-on-3. These are just some of the incredible Nintendo Sports games from the 2000s. Now it’s the 2020’s and the sports games that Nintendo have put out are pretty bad, so in this video I’ll be talking about how Nintendo Sports games kind of suck now.

Nintendo’s first sport game on the Nintendo Switch was Mario Tennis Aces. Released in June of 2018, Mario Tennis Aces is the worst Mario Tennis game of all time. That was a joke, I actually really enjoyed Mario Tennis Aces, it’s Nintendo’s other, more recent sport games that are the problem.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is where I’d say the downfall of Mario Sports games began. Super Rush was revealed on the 19th of February last year and when the game was revealed, the majority of people seemed to like the game. Visually the game looked nice, the golf outfits for all the characters were awesome and the new Speed Golf and Battle Golf modes seemed really cool.

Then in June, we got another trailer for the game and free updates were revealed to be coming to the game and this was so frustrating as in my opinion, if a game isn’t even out yet and the developers are planning post launch content, the game should just be delayed.

But anyways, the game released on the 25th of June last year and this game just sucked, and i’m not joking, Mario Golf: Super Rush is a pretty bad game. While the game does have its redeeming qualities such as the character roster and the Battle Golf mode.

But everything else about the game sucked. The story mode was extremely generic, there were only 9 courses in the game, even after free updates, and most of these courses lacked anything to do with Mario, they were just generic courses. Then with Speed Golf, it turns out that having to run after the ball after you hit it, is really boring which is probably why most golf games don’t make you run after the ball.

So far in 2022, not only did Nintendo release Nintendo Switch Sports which was a complete disgrace to Wii Sports, but Nintendo also released Mario Strikers: Battle League and this game spits in the face of Mario Strikers: Charged.

While Nintendo Switch Sports has heaps of problems, Mario Strikers: Battle League only really has one problem and this problem just so happens to also be the main problem in Nintendo Switch Sports.This problem is none other than a simple lack of content.

Let’s look at Nintendo Switch Sports first. In Nintendo Switch Sports there are 6 sports, but Tennis and badminton are so similar so I’m just going to say that there are only 5 sports in the game.

Now Wii Sports, a game that released in 2006 as a tech demo for the Wii also had 5 sports and it was a tech demo that released over 15 years ago. How is Nintendo Switch Sports gonna have as much content as a game that was released in 2006.

Then there’s Wii Sports Resort and it genuinely makes me sad how bad Nintendo Switch Sports is when compared to Wii Sports Resort. Wii Sports Resort had 12 sports with each sport having different modes. What on earth were Nintendo thinking when they thought it would be ok to include such little content.

Then only one and a half months later, Mario Strikers: Battle League was released and man, talking badly about this game makes me so sad. We waited 15 years for a sequel to Mario Strikers: Charged, just for the game to have no content, at all.

What’s even more annoying is that the gameplay in Mario Strikers: Battle League is incredible, but outside of quick play and the awful online play, there is nothing to do. No story mode, no ranked online, no challenges, nothing, it’s so frustrating.