This is part 1 out of 3. This is something I thought I would’ve never played. I expressed to a few people that I strongly dislike this game for many reasons when it came out. I did make a lot of great friends who also play this game too and I was convinced to just try it out. I probably won’t care to much about playing to the pro league, I’ll play this mostly if I’m invited by friends to play some games with me. This is my first time experience playing Nintendo Switch Sports so all of this and more is my first time ever playing this game.

This has been a fun experience and I want to express my thanks to @Quintendo708 @supergameboy9649 and @Mr_B.F.F for inviting me to play.

0:00 – Soccer Game 1
4:22 – Soccer Game 2
9:47 – Bowling Game 1
17:42 – Bowling Game 2
27:08 – Golf Game 1 (9-Hole Game)
51:36 – Golf Game 2 (3-Hole Game)
1:00:00 – Golf Game 3 (3-Hole Game)
1:07:45 – Golf Game 4 (3-Hole Game)
1:15:37 – Golf Game 5 (9-Hole Game)