In this episode, we take a look at another Pandora’s box board. This one is the Pandora Box E-Sports Edition. This claims to be the first Pandora box to add an easy plug and play online gaming system for retro gaming. The System is said to have a comprehensive lobby, spectator mode and the ability to join existing games as well as set up password protected rooms.

The E-Sports Edition claims to bring the simpliticy of Retroarch and Fightcade in a simple and easy to use package. Does this system live up to the hype, let’s find out!

Pandora Box E-Sports:

Pandora Box History:

Pandora’s Box was initially released by 3A Games who started by creating JAMMA compatible arcade boards that could easily upgrade old arcade machines. This easy fix or upgrade increased older arcade machines from 1 to a 60+ games machine. Pandora box models included 2,3,4,4S,4S+,5 and 6.

The ability to support the old 15hz CRT CGA tube screens was a big selling point, and in 2015/16 the official 3A games pandora’s box 4 with JAMMA harness did just that. Needless to say being the first it received a lot of attention and praise.

In 2017, 3A games released the PB5, but for some strange reason, dropped 15hz support. With a ton of manufacturers wanting a piece of the pie, many so called PB5 and 5s version were sold that supported CRT. It turns out that the PB5 and PB5s units that supported CRT were third party clones that copied the older PB4 spec and chipset.

At this point, there are so many clone boards on the market that it’s hard to know what ones are actually good. I put a list of my favorite boards below to hopefully help you navigate what “Wicked Games and Collector” calls the Pandora Jungle.

My Suggested Pandora’s Box Boards:

Pandora’s Box DX (Home Version):

Pandora Box DX (Jamma Version):

Pandora Box Saga 3D:

Pandorytool v1.10

Installing Pandory Video Guide:

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