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Stream Rules

If you Break these Rules

1. Warning
2. Timeout
3. Ban

1. No Spamming in the live chat for example Emotes, Emojj’s and Sentences etc Its disturbing to other members and myself

2. Don’t be rude to my Moderators and the Streamer Captain which is me because I dont deserve it and be careful because i will be rude back if you do it

3. Do not ask to be a Moderator I Will Decide if I need an extra one Depends how big the Channel Grows

4. Don`t Self Promote It is very disrespectful to self promote so don’t do it

5. Always say Hello Before Coming into my live Stream if you don’t do it my Mods will delete your Message or I Ignore you I find it rude that people just say Random stuff.

6. Don’t complain on what let’s plays Im doing. It’s my stream i do what i want

7. Absolutely No Drama here I do not tolerate that.

8. No inappropriate talk in the chat you should know that

9. No Politics we don’t wanna give it in here and its kinda disturbing not comfortable to talk

10. You can Joke around in here but don’t take it out of Context

11. You can Swear but do not do it constantly because its a bad habit. That goes same to me as well

12. If you have an inappropriate name on Youtube for your channel in my live stream instant ban on my channel

13. Have a great time relax be Family Friendly and Play Awesome Games like Nintendo Etc.

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