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New users who create a VNWSS account can get 30 TRX for free. Obtain the registration link in the video description, and you can receive 30 TRX for free from VNWSS customer service.

Click the marked position in the upper left corner of the “Home Page” to select V-USD, then click “2 USDT” displayed in the upper right corner of the “Home Page” and click “GO Play” to start the game. Our company will give new users 100V-USD for free. As long as you bet ten times in the “Anti-score” game and earn 10V-USD, you can withdraw 2USDT to the TRC20 address. The valid time of this 100 V-USD is 48 hours, if it is not used for more than 48 hours, 100 V-USD will disappear automatically.

Invite registration link:Anti-score game rules: An anti-score game is to bet on a score that you think is absolutely impossible at a certain stage of the game (hole match, first half, second half, etc.). This game has 25 guesses. In the past, there was only one guessing result for sports events, but the difference is that this sports betting game has a total of 24 guessing results on VNWSS, and the winning rate is as high as 96%. This is an extremely simple and profitable game. You can follow this link to learn more about this “Reverse Score” game.
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